Christian Life Coaching for Ambitious Women


I offer 1-1 coaching for ambitious women who are ready to break free from the swirl of stifling thought patterns and  create a life of peace and presence.

A Present LIFE

You recount all the ways you:
  • didn’t do what you "should’ve" done
  • feel like a failure
  • feel like you didn’t measure up
  • were not enough 
  • were too much

And that story is what you’ve been practicing for so long you just think it’s true. 

There's already enough outside distraction in our lives that keep us from showing up for what's most important. It’s time to focus on what you can control, which is you!

It all starts with you gaining awareness, being intentional, and practicing a different way than you have before.

If you’re willing to believe you can change and show up for your life, I can help you do that.

and you're just plain tired of it.

I get you...most nights your head hits the pillow and you feel REGRET about all the ways you didn't show up that day.
  • Be fully ambitious without all the stress
  • Create peace throughout your day
  • Be laser-focused and aligned with your priorities
  • Feel proud of how you show up in your day
  • Go from chronic over-functioning to strategically using your time and energy
  • Be more present, awake and vibrant in your home and work life
  • Engage your story differently so it’s inspiring your day to day choices
  • Have personalized accountability and support from a coach whose been there and done that

what if there was a way you could...

I want to Learn more!


How do you stay connected to your faith?

Scripture and prayer

contemplation and journalling



How do you handle stress in your everyday life?

pretend i'm not stressed

good self care

food, wine and netflix


When setting personal goals, which approach do you typically take?

i set specific measurable goals and go for it

I set general goals and adjust as needed

I'm not into goals



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More about me

I live in Greenville, SC with my husband Ben and our 3 kids, and I love hiking, gardening, running, reading and coffee!

Like you, I understand what it’s like to feel stuck, weighed down, and discouraged because I knew I wasn’t fully showing up for what matters most- my faith, my people, and my work. 

I experienced massive transformation after joining a coaching program and doing my own story and enneagram work. Coaching + my relationship with Jesus enabled me to create change from the inside-out.

My personal journey, professional training at Denver Seminary (M.A. Community Counseling) and Life Mentoring School (Christian Life Coach Certification), 10 years of professional counseling work, and my 14 years of studying the Enneagram equip me to walk with you on this journey towards transformation and help YOU experience your own transformation.

life coach, counselor and jesus follower

I'm Kathryn —

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